Friday of protests across the West Bank

Several demonstrations took place today all across the West Bank. Three people were arrested in Hebron, including two children.

A protest wedding by the wall suppressed by Israeli forces

A protest wedding took place today by the wall near Hizma village. Two people were injured and another two arrested.

Sebastiya protests against sewage dumping

The village of Sebastiya held today a demonstration against the flooding of its agricultural land by sewage coming from Save Shomron settlement.

Israeli forces invade Kufr Qaddum in an attempt to arrest protesters

During today's weekly protest, Israeli forces shot tear gas canisters and invaded the village of Kufr Qaddum trying to arrest demonstrators.

Two Palestinians and an international activist arrested at Kufr Qaddum demonstration

Israeli forces violently supressed today's demonstration in Kufr Qaddum. Large quantities of stun grenades were thrown at protesters. In addition, three people were arrested.

A young Palestinian in the Intensive Care Unit after being shot at Bethlehem protest

On the day of Arafat Jaradat funeral, numerous demonstrations took place in cities and villages across the West Bank and Gaza. In Bethlehem, a 13 year-old boy was shot with live ammunition and is still in the Intensive Care Unit at Beit Jala Hospital. 

Hundreds of people demonstrate against the death of Arafat Jaradat

Numerous demonstrations have taken place today to protest the death of Arafat Jaradat in Megiddo prison.

One person hospitalised in critical condition after settler attack in Qusra

This morning, clashes erupted in Qusra after settlers attacked the village. Several people were injured from rubber coated steel bullets and two from live ammuntion, one of them is in critical condition at Rafidia Hospital.



Hundreds Demonstrate to Open Shuhada Street in Hebron

Israeli forces violently suppressed the demonstration for the opening of Shuhada Street in Hebron. Approximately fifty people suffered from tear gas inhalation and twelve were taken to hospital with rubber coated steel bullets related wounds. One person was also injured in the leg by a live bullet.

More clashes erupted near Huwwara checkpoint

Loads of tear gas canisters were fired at demonstrators during clashes near Huwwara checkpoint.