Israeli Border Police Violently Attack Palestinians and Int'ls in Hebron

Twelve were detained and Three were injured after Israeli forces attacked participants of the Bili'n Conference on the Popular Struggle who toured Hebron.

We Will Not Be Silent: Qaddum Talks Back to Military Repression

Hundreds participated in mass protest in the village of Kufer Qaddum this Friday. On Thursday, army raided the village, arresting 20 and causing extensive damages to houses

Israeli Soldiers Pillage Home and Arrest 20 in a Pre-Dawn Raid on Kufer Qaddoum

During the raid, soldiers pillaged jewelry and caused extensive damages to houses. Residents certain that arrests were made to quash protests in the village

Video: Israeli Soldiers Violently Evict Hebron House

Youth Against Settlements' Badia Dweik: “While we were violently evicted, the army treats settlers with kid gloves.”

Scores injured in Qalandiya and Bethlehem Land Day March to Jerusalem

Israeli security forces fired rubber coated bullets, tear gas and stun grenades to break up groups of Palestinian demonstrators participating in the Global March to Jerusalem. 

Arrest of Protester Bitten by Army Dog Extended by Military Court

The detention of Ahmad Shtawi, who was injured and arrested at a demonstration in Kufer Qaddoum last Friday after Israeli soldiers sicced a dog at him, was extended by six days despite his wounds.

Israeli Soldiers Sic Attack Dog on Protesters in Qufer Qaddoum

The dog bit one of the protesters in the arm, causing a serious wound, and did not release its hold for long minutes, even after its handler ordered it to. An Israeli woman suffered a head injury in Nabi Saleh.

Israeli Army Raids Village of Nabi Saleh for 4th Time This Week

In the past week Israeli forces staged four nighttime raids into the village of Nabi Saleh, arresting three, two of them minors.

Women Lead the Struggle at Nabi Saleh

Dozens marched at Nabi Saleh this week, marking Women's Day and calling for the release of political prisoner Hana Shalabi. One activist was injured by a tear-gas canister, leading to fracture in his knee. Three were injured by rubber coated bullets. 

16 Injured & 4 arrested During Solidarity Demos with Hunger Striking Palestinian Prisoner

16 people were injured by rubber-coated bullets shot by Israeli forces and four were arrested during protests in solidarity with administrative detainee, Khader Adnan, who has been on a hunger strike for the past 56 days. Among those injured are 3 journalists and an ambulance driver.