16 Year Old Hit in the Eye by Tear-Gas Projectile in Nabi Saleh

The demonstration in Nabi Saleh this week was held in solidarity with Palestinian political prisoners on hunger strike. In the past month, three children were hit in the face by tear-gas canisters during protests in the village, as the Israeli army continues to shoot canisters directly at protesters against its own open-fire regulations. 

Nabi Saleh: Israeli Soldiers Shoot 15 year old in the face with rubber bullet

The bullet shot from a short distance hit the boy in the face penetrating his right cheek and piercing it. Diplomats from four countries visited Kufer Qaddoum. Portuguese Head of Mission hurt by tear-gas.

Defense in Bassem Tamimi's Trial: "Indictment is Based on the Abuse of Children"

As the trial of West Bank activist, Bassem Tamimi, draws to an end, his lawyer's closing arguments accused Israeli authorities of having knowingly abused minors' rights in order to incriminate his client.

Defense Proves Systematic Abuse of Minors' Rights in Palestinian Activist's Trial

Evidence that Palestinian minors are systematically questioned in violation of their rights was filed to the court yesterday during the trial of West Bank activist, Bassem Tamimi.

Military Court Approves Illegal Interrogation of a Minor

Major Sharon Rivlin, a judge at the Ofer Military Court, accepted as admissible the testimony of a 14 year-old Palestinian boy who was unlawfully arrested in the dead of night, questioned without being allowed sleep, denied his right to legal counsel and not told of his right to remain silent.

Bassem Tamimi's Trial: Police Interrogator Tells Court Intimidating a 14 Year-old Suspect "Was a Joke"

Israeli police officer, Jalal Aweida, testified at the Ofer Military Court on behalf of the prosecution today, as part of the on-going trial against Palestinian protest organizer, Bassem Tamimi.

Bassem Tamimi's Trial: Police Interrogator Admits Systematic Infringements on Minors Rights

In his testimony before the military court in the trial against Palestinian protest organizer, Bassem Tamimi, police interrogator said today that Palestinian minors are never granted their right to have a parent present during questioning.

Two Arrested During Ma'asara Demonstration

Hasan Breijieh (42) and Ibrahim Fawaja (16) were arrested during the weekly demonstration in Ma'asara. Both remain in custody. 

Witnesses in Bassem Tamimi's Trial: We were Instructed by Interrogators to Incriminate Him

15 year-old Mo'atassem Tamimi and 20 Year-old Udai Tamimi told the court they were deprived of sleep and briefed before their interrogations on what to say. Nabi Saleh protest organizer, Bassem Tamimi, has been behind bars for over 8 months.