Shuhada Street

4th Annual Open Shuhada Street Demonstration Tomorrow in Hebron

This Friday, February 22nd, 2013, Palestinians will march in protest of the closure of Shuhada Street

Issa Amro, Coordinator of Youth Against Settlement arrested at Alenbi Bridge

Amro was interrogated, arrested and prevented from departing to Italy

Women to March in Hebron for the Opening of Shuhada Street

Organizers will hold a press conference prior to the protest march in the segregated street, which Palestinians are forbidden from accessing, while Israelis are allowed to use.

Palestinians Violently Evicted from Hebron House

Israeli soldiers evicted a group of Palestinian activist from an abandoned house in Hebron, owned by the Hebron municipality. Two were arrested.

Hebron Marks International Day of Action to Open Shuhada Street

Over 1000 people join demonstration to open Shuhada street, closed to Palestinians since 1994. The demonstration also fell on the West Bank wide day of rage against the US veto against Israeli settlements in the United Nations.  

Hebron Demonstration Attacked by Soldiers; Six Arrested

Soldiers and Border Police officers attacked a peaceful demonstration in the Old City of Hebron today. A Palestinian, an Israeli, a Swede and three French activists were arrested.

Demonstrators Demand Israel Opens the Segregated Shuhada Street in Hebron

On the 16th anniversary to the Goldstine Massacre at the Cave of Patriarchs, in which 29 Palestinians were slain by the the Kiryat Arba Setteler, and the closing of the Shuhada Street to Palestinians following it, demonstrators defied segregation and marched on the forbidden street. The protest, organized by the local Youth Against Settlements group, took place amidst recent israeli provocations at the Cave of the Patriarch.