Land Day in Budrus: "Our Struggle Was Successful, but the Occupation Lives On"

The village of Budrus regained 95 percent of its confiscated lands through popular struggle. At the event of land day, residents of the small village joined thousands throughout Palestine who are struggling for their land and emancipation. 

Women Lead the Struggle at Nabi Saleh

Dozens marched at Nabi Saleh this week, marking Women's Day and calling for the release of political prisoner Hana Shalabi. One activist was injured by a tear-gas canister, leading to fracture in his knee. Three were injured by rubber coated bullets. 

Nabi Saleh Marks 40 Days Anniversary to the Murder of Mustafa Tamimi

40 days after the killing of protester Mustafa Tamimi in Nabi Saleh, the village holds a march of commemoration. The army in response continues to shoot tear-gas canisters directly at protesters, against its own open-fire regulations. A medic was injured by two canisters shot directly at him. 

Four arrested in Nabi Saleh Demonstration

The weekly protest in Nabi Saleh marked three years to the brutal Israeli assault on Gaza. Four people were arrested: two international activists before the protest started and two Palestinian activists after the demonstration already came to an end. 

Nabi Saleh Joins the Call for Palestinian Unity

Dozens participated in this week's demonstration in Nabi Saleh against land grab and ongoing occupation. 

Nabi Saleh Suffers Another Chemical Attack

Village of Nabi Saleh suffers chemical attack as Israel once again sprays the "skunk" at the villages main water supply's. Tear gas and rubber bullets were also shot at unarmed demonstrators in the course of the demonstration. 

Weekly Bil'in Demonstration Plagued by Extreme Heat and Tear Gas

Weekly demonstration attened by roughly 60 and one person was injuried when hit with a tear gas canister. The Israeli army used the skunk on protesters but the protest ended quickly due to extreme heat.