South Hebron Hills: 19 arrested in 24 hours including a mother and her 18 months old child.

Israeli border police arrested today 10 Palestinians and five Israelis, including three women and a child, in the area of Um El-Arayes.  Four were arrested yesterday.

Army Targets Women at Nabi Saleh Demo

Following last week's success in reaching the confiscated spring, army used considerable means to repress this week's demonstration. According to the protesters, the army mainly targeted women who were leading the protest. Three were arrested. 

Women to March in Hebron for the Opening of Shuhada Street

Organizers will hold a press conference prior to the protest march in the segregated street, which Palestinians are forbidden from accessing, while Israelis are allowed to use.

Nabi Saleh Women March to Confiscated Spring

Nabi Saleh's women have taken forefront of this small villages' struggle. This week they led a women's march to the spring confiscated by settlers, nearly reaching it despite military violence. 

Palestinian Protesters Took Over Military Vehicle; Tried Breaking Into Ofer Prison

Protester holding a Palestinian flag scaled an Israeli military water-cannon yesterday, in solidarity with the prisoners' hunger strike. Others managed to breach the prison fence.

Palestinian women take back spring as settlers, soldiers look on

For the first time in years, a group of Palestinian women was able to reach the Nabi Saleh spring, which was taken over long ago by settlers. The women vowed to return, hoping to hold on to the spring. Report by Haggai Matar, 972

Member of Nabi Saleh Popular Committee Detained While Attempting to Release his Wife from Arbitrary Arrest

Billal Tamimi, a member of the popular committee in Nabi Saleh was arrested during the demonstration at the village today as he was trying to prevent soldiers from arresting his wife, Manal. 

Women Lead the Struggle at Nabi Saleh

Dozens marched at Nabi Saleh this week, marking Women's Day and calling for the release of political prisoner Hana Shalabi. One activist was injured by a tear-gas canister, leading to fracture in his knee. Three were injured by rubber coated bullets. 

Hebron Women Take On Netanyahu

Over a hundred women took to the streets of Hebron in a response to Israel declaration of the Cave of the Patriarchs as an Israeli heritage site

Six Injured and Six Arrested During a Nabi Saleh Demonstration

Six demonstrators, including three Israeli activists, were injured today in the West Bank village of Nabbi Saleh after the army invaded the village earlier today. The soldiers launched an unprovoked attack at the center of the village, even before a scheduled demonstration began. Three women and three men from the village were arrested.

Nabi Saleh's women leading a march in chanting

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Nabi Saleh's women leading a march in chanting