Two Palestinians killed in the West Bank protesting the war on Gaza

Monday Report: Hamdi Alfalah, 22, shot on Monday in the stomach and head with live ammunition died today in Hebron. Rushdi Tamimi died in Ramallah Hospital after being fatally shot on Saturday November 17. Four other injuries from live ammunition were reported and two other protesters sustained head injuries from rubber bullets.

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Bethlehem: Soldiers shot live ammunition at Palestinian students in Takou village during a protest in their school. A student, 18 years old, was shot in his stomach near his school with a live bullet and was admitted to the hospital for surgery. Another 3 protesters were injured. 
Qalandia Checkpoint: Clashes took place between the army and protesters at Qalandia checkpoint, one journalist was shot in the hand with a rubber coated steel bullet.

Clashes with the army erupted during the day. There were two injuries from rubber bullets. 
Abu-Deis: Army attacked students at Al-Quds Uiversity by firing tear gas canisters. No injuries were reported.
Alaisaweyeh Village: Clashes between the village residents and the army forces took place. The army fired sound bombs but no injuries were reported.
Nabi Saleh: Rushdi Tamimi (31) died of his wounds in Ramallah Hospital after being fatally shot on Saturday November 17th.
Hebron: Clashes in several locations in Hebron district. A military jeep was set on fire. Hamdi Alfalah, 22, shot in the stomach and head with live ammunition. In Shalaleh, a 25 year old protester was shot in his back with two live ammunition bullets. He is currently at Alahli Hospital.
The Apartheid wall near Road 443: Palestinian protesters cut off 50 meters of the apartheid separation fence near Ofer prison close to Road 443 in the Rafat area. 
Ofer Military Prison, Betunya: Palestinian protestors clashed with Israeli soldiers at Ofer Military Prison outside of Ramallah. A total of 8 injured and another 12 from tear gas suffocation. A 14 year old Palestinian was shot in the head with a rubber coated steel bullet and is currently in Ramallah Hospital. Another protestor was also shot in the thigh by live ammunition. 
Road 60: Palestinian protesters closed Road 60 near Ofra settlement. Soldiers shot live ammunition in the air and one settler ran over popular resistance activist, Abdallah Abu Rahmeh. 
Atara: 300 Palestinian protesters gathered in Atara, located near Ramallah. 3 reported injuries, one from a rubber coated steel bullet in the face, 2 injuries from live ammunition. The latter two were admitted to Ramallah Hospital. 
Huwara Military Checkpoint, Nablus: 350 Palestinian protestors clashed on the main road leading to surrounding settlements, many suffered from tear gas inhalation. At least 7 protesters were arrested. 
Beit Furik, near Nablus: 70 Palestinian protesters clashed with the Israeli Army, 6 people arrested.