0.22 bullets

Live Sniper-Fire Injures Protester in Nabi Saleh

Two weeks after the killing of Mustafa Tamimi during a demonstration in the village, an Israeli sniper shot a protester with live 0.22" caliber ammunition, banned for crowd control purposes.

Demonstrations Met with Live Ammunition Across the West Bank

A Palestinian protester was struck in the calf with a live bullet shot by a sniper in Bil'in. Live ammunition was also used in Ni'ilin and Nabi Saleh.

Military Prosecution Demands More Than Two Years Imprisonment for Bil'in's Abdallah Abu Rahmah

Military prosecutor said harsh sentence should serve as a deterrent to other protesters. Despite military orders to the contrary, army officer said 0.22" caliber bullets are considered crowd control measures.

West Bank Rises Up in a New 'White' Intifada

Published by:

Donald Macintyre,
The Independent

Mar 12, 2010

As Israel cracks down harshly on unarmed protesters, Donald Macintyre meets one Palestinian family whose teenage son has paid a heavy price.

Under Repression

Report on Israeli violations of the civil and political rights of members the popular struggle movement in the Occupied Palestinian Territory.

Policy Paper. September 2010

Executive Summery
The popular struggle against the Occupation
The civil and Political rights of the protesters
Key findings

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Palestinian Demonstrator shot with live ammunition during Ni'ilin protest yesterday

During yesterday's demonstration in Ni'ilin, Hassan Naffe', 21, was illegally shot by a sniper using 0.22” munitions. The 0.22” munitions, often colloquially referred to as “twotwo” were classified as live ammunition and banned as crowd-control measures in 2001, by the then JAG Menachem Finkelstein. Nafe' was shot in the groin and evacuated to the Ramallah hospital.

Protesters: IDF used .22-caliber ammo at West Bank fence

Published by:

Amira Hass, Haaretz

Nov 16, 2009

Protesters claim IDF used live ammunition to disperse a demonstration near the West Bank town of Na'alin.

Report: Palestinian moderately hurt in Naalin

Published by:

Efrat Weiss, Roee Nahmias and Anat Shalev, Ynetnews

Apr 12, 2009

Palestinians say 20-year-old protestor injured by 'Tutu bullet' during anti-fence rally in West Bank city. IDF says man lightly wounded by crowd dispersal weapon used in response to stone throwing